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The Power of Social Media

leveraging the newsfeed for your business’ benefit

The second EuRA conference session that stood out for its relevance to all our members spoke about leveraging social media for our business’ benefit. Entitled “How small companies can use the power of social media” it proved an inspiring session full of practical advice. We’ve spoken about how to turn your stakeholders into brand believers and the tech shift that is driven by millennials, but this issue we bring you easy to follow advice on how to get yourself noticed on social media as growing brand recognition and opportunities to convert new clients increasingly take place online. You may also want to check out what EuRA’s keynote speaker Tony Chapman had to say on selling your brand.

EuRA conference speakers. From left to right: Damien O’Farrell, Principal Relocation; Roberta Mura, MRS Global; Shelley Lloyd, Celsium; Michele Bramstoft, Copenhagen Relocations.

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Getting it Straight

turning stakeholders into brand believers

corporate communication

Big brands have been making clever use of storytelling for decades and now finally SME’s too are starting to catch on to the benefits of making an emotional connection with their stakeholders. Sharing your vision and values has never been easier in this era of multi-media connectivity, which is why we’ve decided to explore one of 2016’s most important communications trends and discover how to make the most of what you already have.

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