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Flatsharing with a Refugee #1

our first encounter was awkward

As professionals in the global mobility sector, we know all about managing culture shock, helping our assignees adapt to new environments, and spend a lot of time considering matters such as cost of living allowances and hardship locations. But what about those who move halfway across the globe with no help whatsoever? The people who leave their homes behind for entirely different reasons than a (temporary) foreign assignment? ReLocate spoke with freelance journalist and millennial Deborah Seymus, whose monthly column on living with a young refugee is published by Knack online and republished here with their permission. We look forward to bringing you her column over the coming issues as we explore a brand new view on life in Belgium.

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Winning the Talent War

attracting and retaining fresh blood to your business

Evolution is key to just about everything, and it’s not limited to the natural world either. In business we need to evolve to stay ahead of the market, to develop new trends and to keep the lifeblood of a business flowing. Most importantly, we need to know how to evolve our business practices to retain our most precious present employees, and to attract future employees, filled with fresh energy and new perspectives.

motivations to relocate and best practices for business

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The Millennial Workplace

opportunity to progress and aligning values


degree of importance to millennials

In most markets, work-life balance comes before career progression when evaluating job opportunities. Figure: relative degree of importance (excluding salary).

With millennials generally getting a bad rap and preconceptions abounding on how the “entitled generation” views both the workplace and the world at large, it would be easy to dismiss them offhand as serious prospects for employment.  Deloitte’s 2016 Millennial Survey tells us that 44% of millennials already have one foot out of the door and are planning on leaving their organisation in the next two years: a statistic that will surely have most employers close to tears with frustration. But what does being a millennial in the workplace actually mean?  What is it that we are doing so very differently than our parents before us that is making us the topic of the decade?

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The Tech Shift

the changing face of relocation

changing face of relocation

Whatever the cause, there is a palpable shift in the nature of how we do business.  Blame it on the millennials if you wish, but when even our 98-year old grandfather can Skype us to his heart’s content, we have to wonder: is this dependence on technology exclusive to this generation or merely a sign of changing times? We asked several relocators about their experiences and how they are coping with the changing face of business.

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The Future of Talent Mobility

Trends and Best Practices Based on Cross-Industry Survey Research

In winter 2015 the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) began a research project to explore the wide spectrum of survey research conducted on global employee mobility.  They conducted content analysis on 57 reports published between 2011 and 2016 by a diverse group of publishers. Stephen Cryne, President and CEO of CERC presented the results at the EuRA conference earlier this year, as with so many voices – surveys, analysts, predictions – in the industry, CERC wondered is there any consensus in the literature?   Extracts republished with permission of EuRA.

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Move over Bill Gates

the new kids are coming to town

millennials in the workplace

With the majority of start-ups barely making it past the idea stage and many struggling to make it through their first year, others may suddenly find their ‘big idea’ high-jacked by a global powerhouse (twusic anyone?).  So what exactly is it about start-ups that is sparking people’s imaginations?   In the year that Antwerp has been awarded the prestigious Global Startup Nations Award, it seems only fitting that we speak with one of the biggest influencers of today’s love affair with the start-up: KBC’s Startit@KBC.

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