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Flanders DC: the ultimate cross-fertilisation stomping ground

pascal cools flanders dc

Fashion designer Dries Van Noten and multi disciplinary artist Koen Vanmechelen, to name just two, are both ambassadors of the Flemish creative industry that will likely ring a bell for most people. Successful examples, not only because of the quality of their work, but thanks to their business-spirit too. The Flemish government cherishes and stimulates this kind of creative entrepreneur and in order to offer them a platform created Flanders DC in 2004. Flanders DC could be considered the ultimate stomping ground for a healthy cross-fertilisation of business, technology and (artistic) creativity. So what’s in it for Belgium? Fertile soil for international companies and a future proof job market.

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Conscious Capitalism

and its effect on global mobility

conscious capitalism

With its rousing theme ‘Social Values: Better Business’ this year’s EuRA conference promised to bring new insights into how we live and work.  It will come as little surprise to you that, as a people, our standards and desires are changing.  Where once we were perfectly content with the supermarket’s ‘basic’ label, we now prefer organic.  We want our eggs to be free range, our vegetables to come from a local farmer and our pigs to be given the chance to frolic in the mud before becoming our breakfast bacon.

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Move over Bill Gates

the new kids are coming to town

millennials in the workplace

With the majority of start-ups barely making it past the idea stage and many struggling to make it through their first year, others may suddenly find their ‘big idea’ high-jacked by a global powerhouse (twusic anyone?).  So what exactly is it about start-ups that is sparking people’s imaginations?   In the year that Antwerp has been awarded the prestigious Global Startup Nations Award, it seems only fitting that we speak with one of the biggest influencers of today’s love affair with the start-up: KBC’s Startit@KBC.

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