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Top Communications Trends 2019

on digitial disruptors, social stories and other influencers

How time flies. It’s been three years since ReLocate last explored the key communications trends for businesses. High time to find out what’s changed – and what hasn’t – in a world defined by disruptors and advances in digital technology. We’ve ploughed through endless white papers and trend reports to uncover what we should be talking about in 2019 and how we should be doing it. We delve into the biggest driving forces of the decade and talk about some of the most important communications trends today. For your business, your clients and your team.

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Getting it Straight

turning stakeholders into brand believers

corporate communication

Big brands have been making clever use of storytelling for decades and now finally SME’s too are starting to catch on to the benefits of making an emotional connection with their stakeholders. Sharing your vision and values has never been easier in this era of multi-media connectivity, which is why we’ve decided to explore one of 2016’s most important communications trends and discover how to make the most of what you already have.

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Key Communications Trends

our top picks from the web for 2016

communications trends

Any agency worth their salt has forecast their top 5 (or 10, or 20) corporate communications trends for 2016. And varied as they may be, there are a handful that keep coming back, serving as the backbone for all the greater and smaller trends to watch.  From your brand story and how you choose to tell it, to increased security and reliance on the cloud, we’ve selected our top picks for you.

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