ABRA Meeting 8 December 2016

The December meeting of ABRA was held on the afternoon of Thursday 8 December at The International School of Brussels, Kattenberg 19, 1170 Brussels. Guest speaker was Professor Barney Jordaan of Vlerick Business School who spoke on negotiating differences.

1. Audience
2. Audience
3. ABRA President Isabelle Premont, Map Relocations
4. Lee Fertig of meeting host ISB
5. David Willows of meeting host ISB
6. Guest speaker Prof Barney Jordaan, Vlerick Business School
7. Audience exercise
8. Pascale Hertay, BEPS IS, and Brett Neilson, St Paul’s BPS
9. Laura Petitpre, Expatica
10. Guest speaker Prof. Barney Jordaan, Vlerick Business School
11. Saskia Gonzalez y Carmona, Kiddy & Jr Classes and Caroline Véjux, LSI
12. EuRA President Anita Meyer, am&pm relocation
13. Rachel Carmona and Olga De Meester, Bright Expats, Tine Vanmore, Home Consult
14. ABRA board member Eric Klitsch, Brussels Relocation
15. ABRA Guest Liesbeth De Baere, Vlerick Business School
16. ABRA board member Katrien Vanden Waeyenbergh and Mathieu Verstichelen, both of Partena B & E
17. Francis Tanaka, Irasshai
18. Fabienne Vanderkelen, Altair Global and Asma El Ghasi, BBF
19. Nicholas Lyddon, Bogaerts Education
20. Benedicte Van Bauwel, Santa Fe Relocation
21. Rudy Scheepmans, ING Belgium
22. Omry Apelblat, The Brussels Times and ABRA guest Emeka Ajogbe, The Spectrum Group
23. ABRA board member Laurence Peters, Thon Hotels and Christian Culot, Santa Fe Relocation
24. Bart Juten and Zoë de Bièvre, both of Housing Antwerp and ABRA President Isabelle Premont, Map Relocations
25. Saskia Gonzalez y Carmona, Kiddy & Jr Classes
26. Soumina Ciccarelli, Kiddy & Jr Classes
27. Asma El Ghasi, BBF
28. Oscar Rasson and Catherine Tylke, both of AIRINC
29. Tine Soers, Be Welcome
30. Han Petry, Santa Fe Relocation
31. David Young, Omry Apelblat and Jonadav Apelblat, all of The Brussels Times
32. Sabine Huber, Altair Global
33. Agnes Vierendeel, Santa Fe Relocation
34. Pascale Assemat, St. John’s IS and Pascale Hertay, BEPS IS
35. Agnes Vierendeel, Santa Fe Relocation, Sandra Van Bellingen, BBF, and ABRA board member Koen Reekmans, Altair Global
36. Marc Van Hoof, Be Welcome
37. ABRA President Isabelle Premont, Map Relocations, Frédéric Carré and Fabienne Vandenberghe, both of Citadines
38. Charlotte François, Yven Vanhopem, both Map Relocations, Eric Broeckaert, am&pm relocation, and Chelsey Verachtert Map Relocations