ABRA Meeting 22 September 2016

The ABRA Septemberr meeting was held at ISF Waterloo IS, 280 Chaussee de Waterloo, 1640 Rhode St Genese. There was a panel presentation/debate on Health Insurance for Expats by Katrien Vanden Waeyenbergh, Partena Ziekenfonds and Filip Declercq, Expat & Co, with ABRA board member Sabine Castrique as moderator..

Captions are at the bottom of the page.


1. Gathering before the meeting
2. ABRA President Isabelle Premont opening the meeting
3. Welcome by Belinda Yates of meeting host ISF Waterloo IS
4. Panel member Filip Declercq of Expat & Co
5. Panel member Katrien Vanden Waeyenbergh, Partena B&E
6. Moderator Sabine Castrique, Gosselin Mobility
7. ABRA board member Salvatore Orlando, BNP Paribas Fortis, and Paul Stahlie, Crown Relocations
8. Reception following the meeting
9. Michel Godelaine, RKS Relocation and Cristina Rojas, Aedifica
10. Chantal Pas, Gosselin Mobility and Isaac Garcia, Rentmore
11. ABRA board member Sabine Castrique and ABRA guest Leilt Abebe, Do It 4 Me
12. ABRA President Isabelle Premont, Map Relocations, and ABRA board member Eric Klitsch, Brussels Relocation
13. Reception
14. Reception
15. Laura Petitpre, Expatica
16. ABRA guest Tuba De Wilde, Keolis, and Wendy Simpson, ABC Relocation
17. ISF Waterloo staff members
18. Ben Thumbwood, ISF Waterloo and Brett Neilson, St. Paul’s BPS
19. Bernard Kerkhof, BBF and Fabienne Vanderkelen , Altair Global
20. Agnes Vierendeel, Santa Fe Relocation and ABRA President Isabelle Premont, Map Relocations
21. ABRA board members Eric Klitsch, Brussels Relocation, and Katrien Vanden Waeyenbergh, Partena B&E
22, Han’s Groen, Expatica and Paul Stahlie, Crown Relocations
23. ABRA board members Fiona Klomp, Illus Communications, and Gregory Marlier, am&pm relocation
24. ABRA guest Leilt Abebe, Do It 4 Me, David Young, The Brussels Times, and Pascale Hertay, BEPS
25. Laura Petitpre, Expatica, ABRA guest Francis Tanaka, Irasshai and Daniël Poelman, KBC
26. Koen Wolzer, Home Consult, Katrien Vanden Waeyenbergh, and Tina Vanmoer Home Consult
27. Fiona Klomp, Illus Communications and Koen Wolzer, Home Consult
28. Belinda Yates and Kaisa Sorjonen, both of ISF Waterloo
29. Dries Van den broek, BBF and Pascale Assemat, St. John’s IS
30. Pascale Hertay, BEPS and Han’s Groen, Expatica
31. Cederic Clauws, Home Consult, Tristian Mazy, Guillaume Dubucq and Anthony Pennen all of Skyline Renting Services