ABRA Meeting 16 March 2017

The March meeting of ABRA took place at International School Ghent, De Pintelaan 258, 9000 Ghent. Guest speaker was Antoine Coppens, President of Academics for Development (antoine.coppens@academicsfordevelopment.be), who spoke about projects that give students the possibility to have social impact in a durable and meaningful way. To see the presentation click here. Captions are at the bottom of the page

1. Audience
2. ABRA President Isabelle Premont, The Map Group
3. Maija Lusher, Head of School at meeting host International School Ghent
4. Guest speaker Antoine Coppens, Academics for Development
5. Roisin Weymes, IS Ghent
6. David Gerone, Ecole Int Montgomery
7. Geraldine Hardy, Ecole Int Montgomery
8. ABRA President Isabelle Premont, The Map Group
9. ABRA Vice President Eric Klitsch, Brussels Relocation
10. ABRA Vice President Koen Reekmans, Altair Global
11. ABRA Board Member Salvatore Orlando, BNP Paribas Fortis
12. ABRA Board Member Laurence Peters Thon Hotels and Brett Neilson, St Paul’s BPS
13. ABRA Board Member Katrien VandenWaeyenbergh, Partena B & E
14. Former ABRA resident Eddy Bonne, Romulus and ABRA Board Member Sabine Castrique, Gosselin Mobility
15. Agnes Vierendeel, Santa Fe Relocation
16. ABRA guest Dominique Ameloot, Voka -West-Vlaanderen
17. Roger Standaert, IS Ghent
18. Christophe Vandeputte, Expat & Co
19. David Gerone, Ecole Int Montgomery and Miguel Toledano, Brussels Int Catholic School
20. Kate Van Nuffelen, Antwerp IS
21. Loes Colpaert, Raddison Blu
22. Frederik Godefroid, BBF  Serviced Apartments
23. Karmen Christiaens, Bright Expats
24. Carol Elhardt, ABRA Admin and Deborah Loones, Relocation Belgium
25. ABRA guest Inge Wiame, Partena Vitality
26. ABRA Guest Mathys Braert, Academics for Development
27. ABRA Guest KatrienDe Troch, Studio Gloria
28. Joris De Ryck, Compas Int’l Movers and Pascale Assémat, St John’s IS
29. Former ABRA resident Eddy Bonne, Romulus and Laura Petitpre, Expatica
30. Neriman Turker, Aedifica, Sandra Stevens, Home In Brussels and Cristina Rojas, also of Aedifica