ABRA Meeting 15 March 2016

The Tuesday 15 March meeting was held at Bogaerts International School,  5 Square Argenteuil, 1410 Waterloo. The guest presentation was given by Lieselot Declercq and Marlies Van Assche of D-Teach on the concepts behind e-learning and the options available.

Captions are at the bottom of the page.

1. David-Ian Bogaerts, Director Bogaerts IS
2. Lieselot Declercq, co-guest speaker, D-Teach
3. Marlies Van Assche, co-guest speaker, D-Teach
4. Filip Declercq, Sandra Merckx and Christophe Vandeputte, all of Expat & Co
5. Chantal Pas, Gosselin Mobility and ABRA board member Sabine Castrique, BRC
6. Daniël Poelman, KBC and co-guest speakers Lieselot Declercq and Marlies Van Assche, both of D-Teach
7. Veronica Guguian, Expatica and ABRA guest Frederic Claerhout, ElaN Languages
8. Romy Svedhem, St John’s IS, Paul Stahlie, Crown Worldwide Mobility, and Caroline Tailor St John’s IS
9. Pascale Hertay, BEPS IS
10. Joelle Chareuntakul, Florence Bonnave and Tristan Mazy, all of Skyline Renting Services
11. Joris De Ryck, Compas Int Movers and Eura president Anita Meyer, am&pm relocation
12. ABRA President Isabelle Premont and ABRA board member Viv Hermans, Arminios
13. Veronica Guguian, Expatica and Nicholas Lyddon, Bogaerts IS
14. ABRA board member Gregory Marlier and Dominique Beeckmans , both of am&pm relocation
15. Karolien Geers, Putters Int. And Christian Culot, Santa Fe Relocation
16. Ester Corell and Julia Rigas, both of Bogaerts IS
17. Former ABRA president Eddy Bonne, Romulus and Frank Billingsley, Bogaerts IS
18. Romy Schneider, St John’s IS, and ABRA board member Fiona Klomp, Illus Communications
19. David-Ian Bogaerts, Bogaerts IS, Niclas Eriksson, St John’s IS, Pauline Six, Bright Expats
21. Pauline Six, Bright Expats
22. Muriel Chapelle, French-connect, and former ABRA president Eddy Bonne, Romulus
23. Caroline Tailor and Romy Svedhem, both of St John’s IS
24. Paul Stahlie, Crown Worldwide Mobility and Ries Berkheij, Bogaerts IS
25. Orla McLoughlin and Belinda Yates, both of ISF Waterloo IS
26. Dominique Beeckmans and Eura president Anita Meyer, both am&pm relocation, with ABRA President Isabelle Premont
27. John Stuyck, Bulletin, Kim Burgess, BSB and Jeff Snyder, AIS
28. Gezabel Vazquez Rogel and Robbie Vercarre, both of RentMore, ABRA board member Sabine Castrique, BRC, and Chantal Pas, Gosselin Mobility
29. Luc Scheepers, CERAN, and David-Ian Bogaerts, Bogaerts IS
30. ABRA board member Gregory Marlier, am&pm relocation and Marlies Van Assche, co-guest speaker, D-Teach
31. Members and guests at the reception following the meeting