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Thursday 19 September 19, 2019

ABRA Member Meeting – Single Permit Directive

Our September Member Meeting took place on Thursday 19th September, 2019, at Aspria Royal la Rasante in Brussels. General Manager of the Aspria Group Charles Bingham introduced the club, speaking from his own experiences as an expat abroad.  Keynote Speaker Alexander De Nys of Fragomen, explored how we’ve experienced the ...

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Wednesday 22 May 22, 2019

AGM & Member Meeting – Remain Relevant in a World Driven by AI

7 core needs & the top 10 professional skills for 2020 In this keynote talk, life coach Michael Dale explores the 7 core human needs and how they drive our actions.  Understanding these core needs can not only help you understand yourself better, but your clients and colleagues too.  They ...

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Tuesday 19 March 19, 2019

ABRA Member Meeting – Professional Indemnity and Cyber Insurance

Guest speaker Simon Poppe of Allia Insurance Brokers spoke on the importance of Professional Indemnity and Cyber Insurance.  Because what happens when you leave a laptop full of clients' details on a train?  Or if you open the wrong email and suddenly find your entire company being held hostage for ...

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Thursday 06 December 6, 2018

ABRA Member Meeting – Preparing for a Deal or No-Deal Brexit

The December meeting of ABRA was held at Partena, Boulevard Louis Mettewie 74-76, 1080 Brussels. Guest Speaker Christine Sullivan of Fragomen Global Immigration Services spoke on how companies in the EU can prepare for a Deal or No Deal Brexit. To download a PDF of the presentation click here. Michael ...

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Thursday 04 October 4, 2018

ABRA Member Meeting – Mastering Personal and Organizational Change

The Thursday 4 October meeting of ABRA was held at D Y Patil International School, Kontichsesteenweg 40, 2630 Aartselaar. The guest presentation was given by Sara Bigwood, Leadership Development Coach, Family Strategist and author of “The Expat Method, Mastering Personal and Organizational Change” who spoke on family dynamic in time ...

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