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Thursday 17 June 17, 2021

ABRA Town Hall – COVID-19 Vaccination Programme for Expats

For our June Town Hall we invited Bart Laethem, Operations Manager, Team Ondersteuning Vaccinatiecentra, of Agentschap Zorg & Gezondheid to talk about the COVID-19 vaccination programme for expats. You can download the presentation here or watch the Q&A session on our YouTube channel.

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Tuesday 18 May 18, 2021

ABRA AGM & Member Meeting

Modern family life and how to survive it It's difficult enough being a parent at the best of times. Then Covid-19 happened and suddenly we are thrown into a whole new dimension of modern family life. How do I choose the right school for my child? Am I a terrible ...

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Tuesday 18 May 18, 2021


Our AGM on Tuesday 18th May begins at 3pm and is for Full Members only.

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Tuesday 20 April 20, 2021

ABRA Town Hall

Thank you for joining our monthly Town Hall on Tuesday 20th April. It was, as always, a great session and we thank Tad Zurlinden of EuRA Relocation for talking about EuRA and ARP's efforts to gain industry accreditation in the UK, the very first WECAN conference, Seville and more. If ...

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Thursday 18 March 18, 2021

ABRA Member Meeting – Mobility Trends post COVID-19

INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY MARKET TRENDS POST COVID-19 The impact of the pandemic continues to reverberate around the globe. Which trends can already be discerned and where do we go from here? Our keynote speaker Koen Beckers is a Partner in Deloitte’s Global Employer Services (GES) practice in Belgium and has more ...

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