KBC Brussels Bank & Insurance

‘A unique approach for a unique city’

As the only Belgian bank-insurer that’s 100% Brussels, KBC Brussels has earned a reputation as the bank for Brussels locals who like to get things done, but it’s also the go-to bank for expats!

That’s why we’ve developed what we call ‘a unique approach for a unique city’: we want to be the preferred financial partner for everyone living and working in Brussels. We want to account for everything that makes the city what it is, so you have the support you need to pursue your personal and professional goals.

Every expat has their own particular requirements and needs, which is why KBC Brussels provides a highly personalized service to suit your specific situation:

  • Opening your account, even from abroad
  • All formalities simplified
  • Practical assistance at every level (finance, insurance, home, mobility…)
  • Bank & Insurance services for the whole family
  • ‘Best of Belgium’ awarded apps

Want to know more : Expat in Brussels? Discover our tailor-made approach. – KBC Brussels Bank & Insurance

Avenue de Hinnisdael / Hinnisdaellaan 8
1150 Brussels