European School of Bruxelles-Argenteuil (EEBA)

EEBA is an international, multilingual school offering the European Schools’ curriculum. It offers a world class education together with the opportunity to stay connected to home languages and cultures. It provides access to schools and universities in home countries and across the world. At the end of their course, students will have the opportunity to pass the European Baccalaureate, recognized in the largest universities of the world. On campus is also offered a three year program to prepare the International Baccalaureate Diploma and the Swedish Gymnesium. These programs are offered by SSB (, an IB accredited school since 1985. EEBA offers French, English, Italian, Swedish and Finnish sections. EEBA offers a specialist learning support for pupils for whom the language of the section is not their first language and pupils who experience specific learning difficulties.

Square d’Argenteuil 5
1410 Waterloo
+32 2 357 06 70