About Joining ABRA
ABRA welcomes relocation-related companies in Belgium, Europe, and worldwide. One of the objectives of ABRA is to promote quality standards to ensure the delivery of a professional level of service to clients. Your membership demonstrates to potential clients that you support this goal.

Your membership also shows other ABRA and EuRA members that you adhere to the code of ethics and are willing to be held accountable for your services.

ABRA membership is meant for all Belgian companies that take relocation seriously. For the customer, choosing an ABRA member is essential to make sure that the relocation will be done in a professional way!

Candidate-members are subject to admission criteria prior to their final membership. Their companies will be subject to an investigation by ABRA, and they have to uphold the highest standards in the industry. In case of non-conformity, ABRA will organise a round table amongst members and the candidate-member will be invited and given the opportunity to defend the application.

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