The New Expat Tax Regime – May AGM & Member Meeting

Our thanks go out to the Expat Team at ING for hosting our Member Meeting – and AGM – this May 30th. Dirk-Jan Palland, Product Lead at ING, and Sali Salieski, Head of Retail and Private Banking, both joined us as speakers on ING’s new expat desk focus.

Keynote speaker and tax lawyer Brigitte Lievens drew an impressive crowd with her talk on the new Belgian ‘expat tax regime’, which applies to persons hired from abroad to work in Belgium. Altogether, it was a hugely successful and enjoyable event. To request your copy of Brigitte’s presentation, please send her an email.

For the AGM minutes, please scroll down to below the event pictures.


Quorum was achieved for the AGM and votes were unanimous. The 2023 accounts were approved and the Board was granted descharge. Ongoing and planned activities for 2024 were approved by the Full Members. All current Board Members continue to serve, with Nathalie De Frenne replacing Anita Meyer as Altair Global representative. Post-AGM, applications to join the Board were received from Marc Hul of In-Lease and Isabelle Chalifour of Homenhancement, who will be joining as special advisors to the Board until they can be voted in at the 2025 AGM.

Committee Reports

Membership Committee: 4 new affiliates and 3 new freelance members joined in 2023. This brought us to a total of 14 full members, 60 affiliates, and 29 freelancers in 2023 (= 103 members total).

Events Committee: ABRA’s thanks go out to

  • International School of Belgium and Elisabeth Kelly of Cross Cultural Consulting, who talked about Managing Client Expectations for our March meeting;
  • International School in Ghent and immigration lawyer Sylvie Micholt who gave an impassioned talk about Refugees in Belgium and immigration “bottlenecks” for our May meeting;
  • The British Junior Academy of Brussels and professor of political science Dave Sinardet who told us Everything We Always Wanted to Know about Belgium (but were afraid to ask) in September;
  • InLease Furniture Rentals and Eleonara Censorii of Destination Everywhere for explaining what Accessible Relocation is about during our December meeting.
  • Additionally, ABRA attended the EuRA conference in Dublin, where the foundations were laid for further collaboration with the Coalition for Greener Mobility. Anita Meyer represented ABRA by joining the panel discussion on how national associations add value to their members.

Communications Committee:

  • Industry Updates have come to replace the old ReLocate magazine. Our renewed online presence is attracting a steady growth of visitors to the ABRA website, which we hope will both lead to new business for our members and increased interest in ABRA membership.
  • We’ve recently introduced Member Spotlight articles, where member companies get opportunity to shine on a more personal note. Reach out to Fiona to be featured.

Relocation Committee:

  • The introduction of the Single Permit Platform came with glitches, which the Relocation Committee was in close contact with the authorities about.
  • Processing times became exceptionally problematic over the year, leading the Relocation Committee to appeal to various Ministries with the support of Full Members. Just two ministries replied, however, the authorities have since hired several additional FTE’s and backlogs are starting to clear in 2024.
  • The Relocation Committee has met with AWEX, FIT, and others to rally their support in addressing issues such as processing times and driving license exchanges.
  • The Committee has decided to go from a top-down approach (federal level) to a bottom-up approach (local level) as certain municipalities seem to manage better than others, even training up dedicated police to conduct fraud checks on driving licenses.
  • As it’s an election year, the Committee is unsure how much action will effectively be taken but remains committed to the cause.
  • The Committee reiterated the importance of freelance field agents having their own liability insurance cover as well as registering as ABRA members.

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Date(s) - Thursday 30 May, 2024
4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

ING Brussels


This event is fully booked.