Global Reset in the Roaring Twenties – ABRA Member Meeting & 20th Anniversary

Global Reset in the Transitional Roaring Twenties: From Care to Opportunities

The 20’s of this century are years of transition. We’ve gone through a big wildcard, the coronavirus, which has shaken society, the economy, and our everyday life. The post-corona era speeds up this mega transition. This transition is already in full swing and will increasingly revolve around 3 core themes: transformation, connection & convenience. These three trendaxes of the future offer opportunities for companies, brands and products to respond to and innovate. Conshumans (a combination of citizens and consumers), companies and organizations need trust, confidence and perspective, but can’t miss this train and they will have to adapt their lives and values, and in some cases their mission and vision to survive the roaring twenties.

With his company, the trend agency Futureproved Trendwatchers, Bert advises companies with trend analyses, trend implementation, trend communication and trend acceleration.

Date(s) - Tuesday 14 September, 2021
4:30 pm - 7:30 pm


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