ABRA Committees

ABRA Committees
In order to work more efficiently the ABRA Board have created committees to carry out different tasks. Full, Local, Affiliate and Real Estate Members are welcome to join our committees.

Relocation Committee
Responsibilities are the promotion of relocation, recognition of ABRA, legal compliance, government, CIB IPI/BIV. The chairperson is Eric Klitsch of Brussels Relocation ((br@brussels-relocation.com) who is assisted by Pauline Six of Bright Expats. Training, EARP and communication with EuRA will be carried out with the help of Anita Meyer. Volunteers for this committee should be Full Members.

Communications Committee
Responsibilities are all communication, ReLocate magazine, the ABRA website, partnership and advertising. The chairperson is Fiona Klomp of Illus Communications (fiona@illus.be) who is assisted by Salvatore Orlando of BNP Paribas Fortis. All ABRA members are invited to join this committee.

Events Committee
Responsibilities will be to organize Board Meetings, Member Meetings (location, sponsor and guest speakers) and all other events, such as the Vlerick expat event, and coordinate with Admin so that events run smoothly. Chairperson is Dave Deruytter of ING (dave.deruytter@ing.be) who is assisted by Alexander De Nys of Fragomen. All ABRA members are invited to join this committee.

Membership Committee
Responsibilities will be updates to the Board on the number of members and advising Admin of potential members to contact. In addition, members of this committee will receive and communicate all problems that could arise from their category of membership (i.e. Full, Local, and Affiliate Members). Chairperson is Katrien Vanden Waeyenbergh of Partena Business and Expats (Katrien.VandenWaeyenbergh@bepartena.be) who is assisted by Fabienne Vanderkelen of Altair and Sandra Van Bellingen of BBF Furnished Apartments. All ABRA members are invited to join this committee.

If you are interested in joining a committee or would like more information either contact the committee chairperson or contact Admin admin@abra-relocation.com.