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New Year, New Tax Regime for expats

By Brigitte Lievens, Tax lawyer, dated 16 December 2021

The issue has been discussed numerous times over the years.  For more than 35 years the current special tax regime for foreign executives is being granted and applied without legal basis (as it is based on a tax circular of 8 August 1983). The Belgian Cour des Comptes and courts criticized the regime more than once. We can state that all parties involved knew and accepted an “update” was needed.

The real question was how to modify or to replace the existing regime?

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Corona Crisis Replacement Income

What are you entitled to?

When the corona crisis first reached Belgium, the government rushed to provide adequate support measures for all those affected. It led to a myriad of solutions, and unfortunately it wasn’t always clear who was entitled to what and under which conditions. With the crisis lasting longer than anticipated, the existing support measures were scrutinised, simplified and extended into 2021.

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COVID-19 Employment Measures

support measures for employers

In these challenging times, we’d like to outline a number of possible support measures for you as an employer. We highlight the fact that the below mentioned measures only relate to the employment of your employees. You may also be eligible for other measures with regard to corporate tax, VAT, etc. Further on, we can’t emphasize enough that the Belgian government adjusts these measures as much as every day. This newsletter reflects the state of affairs on April 16th, 2020.

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Choosing the Right Insurance

assessing and managing your risk as a business owner

An essential part of business ownership is ensuring that you and your employees are covered for all those kind of situations where things can get messy. Dealing with unexpected issues can amount to quite a challenge, so ensuring you and your staff are taken care of at every moment is fundamental to the security of your company. But how do you know which company provides the services you need? Based on what risks do you choose your insurance coverage? In an effort to answer these questions we spoke with Laurent Martin from ALLIA Insurance Brokers, Alain Voets from Concordia Insurances and Filip Declerq from Expat & Co.

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Mobility after Brexit

the business and individual perspectives

brexit and immigration to belgium

The general take on Brexit is that there is much uncertainty surrounding the outcome of any negotiations. Let’s remember that change is good, and along with uncertainty there is always possibility. In the modus operandi of the British populace: “Keep Calm and Carry On”, how can businesses calmly tackle this uncertainty, not only for their own operational purposes but also to ensure that their employees, both present and future, are reassured of their legal standing? How can individuals carry on and protect their rights to work, study or just reside in their adopted EU member state?

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Cost of Living Allowances

Mercer’s 2016 survey sees Brexit fears carry through into results

cost of living survey 2016

Mercer’s 22nd annual Cost of Living Survey indicated that fears of a potential Brexit had weakened the value of the Pound against the Dollar and Euro, causing UK cities such as London and Birmingham to plummet in the rankings over the last year.  With Brexit now a reality, it remains to be seen what the impact will be on the Cost of Living Allowances (CoLA) for expats to and from Britain in both the short and long term.

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Move over Bill Gates

the new kids are coming to town

millennials in the workplace

With the majority of start-ups barely making it past the idea stage and many struggling to make it through their first year, others may suddenly find their ‘big idea’ high-jacked by a global powerhouse (twusic anyone?).  So what exactly is it about start-ups that is sparking people’s imaginations?   In the year that Antwerp has been awarded the prestigious Global Startup Nations Award, it seems only fitting that we speak with one of the biggest influencers of today’s love affair with the start-up: KBC’s Startit@KBC.

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