Our Board of Advisors
The ABRA Board meets regularly, usually at six-week intervals. In addition to general business, the Board is very active in promoting the association and addressing issues relevant to the relocation industry. Board members donate their time to play a vital role in the association. Refer to the News page to read more about recent activities.



ABRA President
Eric Klitsch
Brussels Relocation

Fabienne Vanderkelen
The MAP Group
Full Member Representative
Relocation Industry
Fiona Klomp
ABRA Secretary
Fiona Klomp
Illus Communications

Eléonore van Rijckevorsel
Bright Expats
Full Member Representative
Relocation Industry

Deborah Loones
Relocation Belgium
Full Member Representative Relocation Industry

Sandra Van Bellingen, BBF
Sandra Van Bellingen
Affiliate Member Representative Consultancies
Katrien Vanden Waeyenbergh
Katrien Vanden
Affiliate Member Representative Health Care & Insurance
Dave Deruytter

Dave Deruytter
ING Belgium
Affiliate Member Representative Banking & Investment

Alexander De Nys
Alexander De Nys
Affiliate Member Representative Legal & Immigration


Board members are elected by Full members at the AGM in May and are elected for two years. Affiliate Representatives are elected yearly.

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