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A Clear Company Policy

HR has a vital role to play in creating balance

Despite the record breaking speed at which the Belgian booster campaign is being rolled out, the rise of Omicron has us all feeling concerned about what more this winter will have in store for us. Most companies started reboarding as soon as restrictions lifted over the summer, with many developing frameworks for a hybrid workplace. Business, after all, must continue. And although many employees missed their co-workers and are happy to be back, others are feeling more hesitant about the shared workplace says Willemijn van Dommelen of PRR Consultancy.

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The Mental Reset

how hybrid work and life can strengthen your resilience

We’ve become closely acquainted with both the benefits and pitfalls of working from home since the start of the pandemic. And – whatever your personal preference – it has led to a lot of organisations opting for a hybrid setup moving forward, where team members are able to work from home some days, and required to come into the office on others. So what are the things to look out for when transitioning into a new environment? We spoke with Elke Van Hoof, CEO of Better Minds at Work and author of the recently published book ‘The Mental Reset’. “The past two years have been an experiment in resilience for all of us.”

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The Perfect Sunday

Discover Flemish Brabant

You’ve marvelled at Rubens’ Elevation of the Cross in Antwerp’s Cathedral of our Lady, boated the canals of Bruges, and have maybe even taken a trip to the Ardennes since moving to Belgium. But Belgium – and especially the region of Flemish-Brabant – has so much more to offer once you get off the beaten track. In fact, there is so much to see and do in the Green Belt surrounding Brussels and Leuven that you’d be forgiven for wanting to pitch a tent and never leave.

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The Surge of Inflation

what to expect in 2022

by Peter Vanden Houte and Philippe Ledent, ING Belgium

Current Inflation Dynamics

Harmonised inflation was at 4.1% in October in the eurozone, and even above 5% in Belgium. In fact, the entire range of possible inflation drivers is still at work, including higher commodity prices, supply chain disruptions, production bottlenecks, post-lockdown reopening price mark-ups and in the eurozone, the German VAT reversal. Admittedly, aside from one-off factors there are also base effects at work, as we are comparing reopened economies to periods of lockdown last year, which boosts the year-on-year numbers.

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Driving License Exchange Update

committee progress report & new town hall for Etterbeek commune

Exchanging your driving license for a Belgian version remains an administrative hurdle for expats. As soon as you are registered as a Belgian resident, this becomes compulsory. Depending on the commune in which you live, this exchange can take any number of weeks, during which time you cannot drive. Our relocation committee remains on the case and has been in contact with the authorities to gain further clarification.

Etterbeek Commune – image by Jasper Eyers

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The Conscious Consumer

COVID-19 creates deeper awareness of sustainability

Without a doubt, the biggest societal shift that took place in 2020 was due to the Coronavirus pandemic. From one day to the next, we collectively came to realise we could no longer take the world we live in for granted. Working from home, people started noticing and appreciating their surroundings more. City dwellers breathed more deeply, experiencing first-hand the impact of carbon emissions on air quality. Rural residents woke up to find sheep roaming now empty village high streets. Empty shelves in supermarkets highlighted our reliance on the global supply chain. A wakeup call that changed perspectives, including on sustainability, across the generations.

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Global Immigration Trends 2021

Fragomen uncovers the impact of COVID-19 on immigration

Earlier this year, Fragomen published its 2021 Worldwide Trends Report. It includes an immigration trends analysis broken down by region and extracts key themes and emerging trends based on Fragomen’s reference library of more than 50,000 data points, 400 global client alerts, and white papers and opinion pieces published through September 2020. We bring you an abridged version, for the full report please click the link at the end of this article.

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Corona Crisis Replacement Income

What are you entitled to?

When the corona crisis first reached Belgium, the government rushed to provide adequate support measures for all those affected. It led to a myriad of solutions, and unfortunately it wasn’t always clear who was entitled to what and under which conditions. With the crisis lasting longer than anticipated, the existing support measures were scrutinised, simplified and extended into 2021.

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Brexit Update: your rights as a UK citizen in Belgium

what changes on 1 January 2021

On 31st January 2020, the United Kingdom left the European Union. A transition period followed, lasting until 31st December 2020 during which time, freedom of movement continued to apply. This transition period ends on 1st January 2021, which means you will have to apply for a new status as a beneficiary of the Withdrawal Agreement.

Brexit your rights as an EU citizen

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Expat Partner

find your flow as a trailing spouse

“So, what do you do?” is perhaps the most often asked question in any given social situation. It’s not surprising then that we often believe our identity to be wrapped up with our careers. But what happens when you move abroad? Can you continue to further your career as a trailing partner, or will you feel left behind during your partner’s foreign assignment? Finding the answer might not be as difficult as you expect…


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