Expat Partner – Staying Active & Finding Work

Special Offer for ABRA Members: the ultimate guide for expat partners on staying active and finding work.

You may remember authors Marie Geukens and Carine Bormans from their exclusive webinar for ABRA members and guests in 2020. In their book, they explore questions such as Can you plan your professional future as expat partner? Can you pursue a career in your new environment? What are your expectations and priorities?

This is the book that dares you to look at work differently and helps you open unexpected doors. The book allows you to ask all the right questions, both before, during and after your stay abroad. It offers inspiring examples and useful warnings about potential pitfalls. Step by step, you will be able to make the career choices that best suit you at that particular moment.

The perfect inclusion for your welcome packs, Expat Partner, Staying Active & Finding Work is now available directly from the authors at a reduced rate for ABRA Members. The more copies you order, the better the discount, so be sure to reach out to Marie Geukens via Whatsapp on +32 468 160 870 to find out more!

The effect of giving up some certainties by following one’s partner abroad should not be underestimated. The expat partner is often left in the cold.

According to 71% of expats who experienced a failed foreign posting, the reason provided is an unhappy partner. Clear agreements are necessary to make a good start.

Carine Bormans is an experience expert, having lived as an expat
partner in Kuwait, Vienna, Paris, Geneva, Nairobi, Kinshasa and
(currently) Bamako. In between, she worked in the HR department of
the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a specialised trainer for
expats and their partners.

Marie Geukens studied Germanic languages and journalism and has
moved as an expat partner to Budapest, Damascus and Ottawa. She previously was the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire magazine. Today, she lives in Kigali, Rwanda.