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Networking Opportunities

Guest speakers, member presentations, and panel discussions at our Member Meetings offer insight into the latest trends and updates from the global mobility industry. Followed by a reception, these quarterly meetings offer an excellent networking opportunity.

Support on Immigration & Relocation Issues

The ABRA Board is very active in addressing problems affecting the relocation industry. Members can contact the Board for advice and support on problems as well as utilise the ABRA community as a sounding board.

ABRA Member Directory

All ABRA members are listed in our online member directory. Year-on-year the number of page hits, visits, and views continues to increase, showing that the website has become a popular reference tool for anyone seeking professional support.

Become an ABRA Member

There are many benefits to be had from joining a professional organisation such as ABRA. Not only are you showing customers your commitment to excellence in service delivery, but you will also receive support and advice from fellow professionals who know what’s what in the world of global mobility.

Of course there are the regular networking events with excellent speakers and opportunities to expand your reach too. Really, you have every reason to enquire about joining our ranks. Depending on your area of expertise, you will become a Full, Local, or Affiliate Member.




Full Member

Full Members are Belgian individuals or firms who have been offering relocation services for longer than two years and who are members of EuRA. Full Members abide by the EuRA Rules of Conduct and have voting rights at the ABRA AGM. The annual fee for Full Membership is €400 plus VAT.

Local Member

Local Members offer the same type of relocation services, but are not members of EuRA. Local Members agree to abide by the ABRA Rules of Conduct, can provide references from two clients for whom work has been carried out in the last 12 months, and have been approved by the Board. References will remain confidential. The annual fee for Local Membership is €400 plus VAT.

Freelance Member

Freelance Members are independent relocation consultants who support our Full and Local Members on an ad hoc or project basis.  Freelance Membership offers field agents all the benefits of ABRA Membership – including networking and training – at the democratic rate of €50 plus VAT per annum. Freelance Members should be invited to join by an ABRA Member.

Affiliate Member

Affiliate Members are individuals or firms worldwide who offer a product or service which supports the activity of relocation companies and/or the mobility of individuals and their families. Affiliate Members include banks, schools, furniture hire, car leasing, short term accommodation, etc. and must adhere to the ABRA Rules of Conduct. The annual fee for Affiliate Membership is €500 plus VAT.

Real Estate Affiliate Member

For ABRA Affiliate Members who act as selling or letting agents and who have a valid BIV/IPI number. Why a separate category? Relocation Service Providers do not manage a listing portfolio, ensuring an unbiased view during a home search. Real Estate members may – or may not – represent both landlord/seller and tenant/buyer. The annual fee for Real Estate Affiliate Membership is €500 plus VAT.


Join ABRA as a member

Name and e-mail of others in your organisation that would like to receive ABRA news and meeting invitations:
All membership applications are submitted to the Board of ABRA for review. Candidate-members are subject to admission criteria prior and must uphold the highest standards in the industry. In case of non-conformity, ABRA will organise a round table amongst members and the candidate-member will be invited and given the opportunity to defend the application. We do not sell membership information or pass your details to third parties. Create your personal login with ABRA:

ABRA Rules of Conduct

All Members joining ABRA must agree to abide by the following rules of conduct. Rules 15 to 17 are specific to Affiliate Members in the Real Estate category.

  1. Every member shall abide by the objectives and rules of the Association.
  2. Members are committed to providing quality of service to their clients and will uphold the highest professional standards.
  3. Members will abide by the legislation of their home country.
  4. Members shall not seek business or conduct business by improper or illegal means.
  5. Members will always work solely in the best interest of the clients by whom they are retained.
  6. Members must not bring the Association of Belgian Relocation Agents into disrepute.
  7. Members will not misrepresent themselves, the services which they offer, or the Association.
  8. Members will not accept instructions from clients whose requirements cannot possibly be met.
  9. Members will maintain regular client contact to keep their clients informed as to progress, lack of progress and actions taken.
  10. Members will ensure that each client is aware of the terms and conditions upon which the services are being supplied.
  11. Members will indemnify and hold harmless the Association against any claims arising from their activities.
  12. When holding client’s monies, members will hold such monies in a designated and regulated bank account and will maintain clear records of that account.
  13. Members shall not misrepresent their class of membership nor will they claim membership when it has ceased, nor will they use the ABRA logo or ABRA name without clear mention of their membership category or once membership has ceased.
  14. Members will treat all information supplied by clients with the necessary confidentiality.
  15. Members will not act as selling or letting agents, unless they hold a BIV/IPI license number and are member under the Real Estate category.
  16. Any interest in a subject property must be declared to a client from the beginning.
  17. Members may not accept any commissions, payments or other inducements offered by any third party as a result of transactions undertaken on behalf of a client without the prior knowledge and agreement of that client.
  18. Any alleged breach of the code of conduct will be evaluated by the ABRA Board. The decision of the Board will be binding.


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Annual membership invoices are sent in January but new members can join throughout the year with an adjusted fee. Membership will be automatically renewed for the following year unless we are informed in writing by 31 December that membership should be cancelled.