About ABRA

Who We Are

The Association of Belgian Relocation Agents (ABRA) is a non-profit organization established in 2001 to uphold the highest standards of quality and professionalism in the Belgian relocation industry. Read about the history of ABRA here.

Our relocation members have been thoroughly screened by EuRA and must adhere to the EuRA Rules of Conduct. Many of our members have also obtained the EuRA Quality Seal, which means that they have been audited for excellence in service provision and process management.

What We Do
Our association has made great strides in raising the profile of ABRA and its members both in Belgium and internationally. In addition, we actively work to support our members by identifying  problems and providing solutions to issues that confront those in the relocation industry.

Past and present initiatives include representing members regarding legal formalities at City Halls, highlighting problems relating to health insurance for expats, promoting better relations between our members and the BIV/IPI, seeking solutions to insurance for relocation companies, and providing professional advice on VAT issues. Read more…

How We Do It
ABRA is funded by membership fees and advertisements in the ReLocate magazine and on the website. Meetings are hosted by ABRA Members. Leadership is provided by the Board of ABRA, which consists of the President and a minimum of three further Board Members.

The President is responsible for representing ABRA at any third party events and for external relations and press contacts. The Board has formed committees to deal with relocation issues, membership, events and communications matters and has an advisory role. Read about the ABRA Board and committees.